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Hazel Leys Academy


Home Reading

At Hazel Leys Academy, we expect our children to read at home at least 3 times a week. Children who read 5 times a week will receive 5 house points for their team. Reading at home is a vital part of education as it builds a wealth of vocabulary as well as supporting retrieval and inference questioning.

Tips to support your children with reading at home:

· Set reading time aside and ensure you have no distractions when reading.

· Ask your child to choose a book as it will support children’s recommendations and the idea of book talk.

· Discuss the illustrations, as this will support inference questioning.

· Encourage your child to talk about the book.

· Make it fun! Read in a funny voice, have a prop or show different actions.

Reading Rucksack

The ‘Reading Rucksack’ allows a child to take home a reading book, a sachet of hot chocolate and a packet of biscuits on a Friday. The bedtime story can be shared with siblings, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, etc. The children are expected to fill out a book review inside the notebook and discuss the book they read when they return it on Monday morning. Children are expected to discuss feelings, actions, synonyms and antonyms and make predictions.


Special bookmarks will be awarded to the children who read 100 times at home in the school year.

Literacy Rich School

Hazel Leys Academy conducted a questionnaire specifically for children to encourage them to discuss their feelings on their reading learning environment. From that, 100% of pupils surveyed agreed that we are a literacy rich school. We aim to develop this further by developing vocabulary, especially subject specific vocabulary. Children will build their vocabulary bank from reading daily and understanding the vocabulary they have read. To do this, we discuss antonyms and synonyms with children and identify different similar vocabulary choices in texts. Children are then able to make links with chosen vocabulary to discuss how a character may be feeling, or describe why they are doing something.

Big Cat Collins Books

Collins Big Cat is a whole-school reading programme that provides complete support for primary reading. Children will become fluent readers through hundreds of high-quality fiction and non-fiction banded books by award winning authors and illustrators. In-depth teaching resources support you in developing and assessing key reading skills at all stages from early reading through to phonics, to guided, whole-class and independent reading for more confident readers.

Please click the link below for tips on how to help your child read.