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  • Star of the Week Assembly - Friday 4th December at 9.10am

    Published 03/12/20

    Please click on link below to join Star of the Week Assembly on Friday 4th December at 9.10am

    Star of the Week Assembly Link

    Star of the Week - Week Ending 27/11/20

    Reception Freddy 
    Year 1 Antonia
    Year 2 Leah
    Year 3 Connor
    Year 4 Caoimhe
    Year 5 Nicole
    Year 6 Viktorija

    Writer of the Week - Week Ending 13/11/20 & 20/11/20

    Reception Charlotte
    Year 1 Catalina
    Year 2 Deacon
    Year 3 Olivia
    Year 4 Daniel
    Year 5 Dyllon
    Year 6 Tia


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  • NSPCC Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 11th December

    Published 02/12/20

    On Friday 11th December 2020, staff and pupils will be encouraged to swap their usual Academy jumper/cardigan and wear a festive jumper to support ‘Save the Children’. 

    If you do not have Christmas Jumper, simply jazz up an old sweater with some tinsel or decorations.

    Due to the current situation and following our operating procedures, we are now cashless and so will not be collecting donations on the day.
    Instead we are asking you to donate via your ParentPay account.

    This is not a ‘mufti-day’.  Pupils should simply swap their purple jumper/cardigan for a Christmas jumper!

    We look forward to seeing the children in their festive wear supporting this good cause. 

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  • Nasal Flu Vaccine - Missed Vaccination - Letter from NHS

    Published 01/12/20

    Dear Parent/Guardian


    The School Aged Immunisation Service visited your school recently to offer the nasal flu vaccination. If your child is in Reception to Year 6 and missed this opportunity to be vaccinated and you would like your child to receive the vaccine please contact us to book an appointment at one of our community catch up clinics.

    If your child is in a clinical risk group or shielded group you can also access the vaccine via your GP surgery.

    To book an appointment please contact our 0-19 Admin hub on 0800 170 7055 (option 4).

    Please visit   for further advice about the vaccination programme and details about the small number of children for whom the nasal vaccine is not appropriate


    Yours sincerely

    School aged immunisation team


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  • Are you looking for a Nursery or Reception place for your child?

    Published 13/11/20

    Are you looking for a Nursery or Reception place for your child?
    If so, we would love for you to consider Hazel Leys Academy.
    We offer an excellent start to your child’s education. Our expert Early Years team put the children at the centre of all that they do. We offer a kind, nurturing environment for children to grow and develop in as well as large indoor and outdoor spaces.

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  • Urgent Information for Parents - New Entry and Exit Points from Monday 2nd November

    Published 01/11/20

    From Monday 2nd November, parents in Nursery-Year 6 will be asked to use the same pathway to enter the school (the main school entrance at the front of the school nearest the Gainsborough Road roundabout).  (Please keep to the left at all times). All parents in Nursery- Year 6 will be asked to exit the school, through the main car park and then use the pedestrian side gate to exit (next to the vehicle gate).  Parents for children in all year groups will be able to walk their child/children up on to the Key Stage 2 playground and leave them at the green gates, where they will be greeted by staff to line up in their classes. Parents who have children in Years 1 and 2 will walk through the Key Stage 2 playground and on to the Key Stage 1 playground, which will be clearly marked for each year group.  
    At the end of the day, all Key Stage 2 parents will be allowed on the Key Stage 2 playground to wait for their child/ children, in their correct year group bubble, which will be clearly marked on the playground.  
    The walking Bus will remain the same and staff will collect children as per, the ‘new normal’.  Siblings will remain the same, with parents and children standing on a spot near the climbing wall on the Key Stage 2 playground. 

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  • Parents Evening - Telephone Consultations

    Published 07/10/20

    Parents Evening - Online Appointment Booking – Telephone Consultations 

    This year we will be calling parents instead of having our normal face to face consultations. This is an important evening and provides you with an opportunity to talk with your child’s class teacher to discuss their progress. 

    Please visit to book your appointment.

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  • Urgent Information for Parents - New Entry and Exit Points from Monday 5th October

    Published 06/10/20

    From Monday 5th October, parents in Nursery-Year 2 will be asked to access the same pathway to enter and exit the school (please keep to the left at all times). You will no longer be able to exit through the vehicle gate.

    Parents for children in Key Stage 2 will leave their children at the vehicle gate, where staff will then collect the children and take them to their classrooms.

    Hand sanitizing areas will be around the school grounds for parents to use. Please adhere to social distancing rules and follow government guidance.

    Timings: Timings will remain the same in all year groups:

    Year 1, Year 4 and Year 6 will start at 8.45am and finish at 3.00pm

    Nursery will start at 8.45am and finish at 3.15pm

    Reception, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 5 will start at 9.00am and finish at 3.15pm

    (If you have children in multiple year groups, they should arrive at 8.55am and leave at 3.15pm). Please make your way to the usual spots on the school playground, near the climbing wall.

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  • Harvest Assembly - Tuesday 6th October at 9.10am

    Published 05/10/20

    We will be helping Corby Foodbank by collecting donations for Harvest Festival.  They give out emergency food to people in the Corby area who are struggling financially and need help to put food on their tables for themselves and their families. Your donations really help and are really appreciated! 

    Please click on link below to join assembly.

    Harvest Assembly Link

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  • Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

    Published 01/09/20

    We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19

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  • Happy Retirement to our Principal Mrs Bain

    Published 17/07/20

    We wish Mrs Bain a long and happy retirement.

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  • Summer holidays – From Friday 17th July

    Published 16/07/20

    Hazel Leys Academy will be closing on Friday 17th July at 3:15pm for the 6-week Summer break.

    Our Academy will not be open over the 6-week summer break for Key Worker children or Summer catch-up sessions.

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